Matabungkay Beach – A Short Escape

It had been super humid the days following Typhoon Ompong that we thought it was perfect to end the week with a trip to the beach. My sister was driving so it had to be somewhere just near Metro Manila and somewhere that she knew how to go to. So we decided to go to Matabungkay Beach Hotel where her family goes to a lot.

It was myself’s first time at that resort hotel, though, and I was excited. Also for the fact that it’s very seldom do I get to go out of town with all expenses paid for. Heh!

Matabungkay is a barangay in Lian, Batangas. It is a good three-hour drive from where we live in Taguig.

If you’re going there from Metro Manila, you will be taking the Tagaytay-Nasugbu route. Just turn left towards the Nasugbu-Calatagan Road then right at Matabungkay Road.

The Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road is quite familiar to me. I frequented the route during the height of my mountain climbing days. Mount Batulao was one of the mountains near Manila that I usually go to during spur-of-the-moment hikes. Another easy climb in the Nasugbu area was Mount Talamitam in Barangay Aga. After those climbs, I would go straight to the Nasugbu town proper to hang out by the beach for a few before catching the last bus trip (then 7 PM) to Pasay.

It was a little past two in the afternoon when we arrived at the Matabungkay Beach Hotel. We chose between the de luxe and the newly built sunset rooms. The latter were located near the beach, in a stretch of five adjacent rooms, while the former were on the top floor of the hotel building a few meters away from the beach.

In the end, my sister won. She picked the very same de luxe room her family always stay in.

It was low tide in the afternoons so after settling in, we contented ourselves with using the pool while waiting for the sunset.

There were three pools. One was on the east side near the restaurant and the sunset rooms. A few feet away was a kiddie pool with a slide.

The third and the biggest pool was in front of the hotel building on the west side. There were around ten guests in that pool with us that time but it’s more than big enough for everyone.

We finished swimming just in time to catch the sunset by the beach.

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