Timmy, the Christmas kitten

Timmy, March 2, 2018

It was Christmas Eve 2017 when I decided to rescue another cat. I wasn’t sure if the house was ready for a second cat (plus I have four dogs) at that time. All I knew was that this tri-colored kitten who had been taking shelter under the ice cream freezer in my mother’s store needed help.

There were three of them. I was kinda sure they were siblings.

The other two kittens were playful and would eat anything I would give them.

The tri-colored one, however, would not even open her mouth.

That Christmas Eve was their third day at the store. They didn’t live there per se. They just went there when it drizzled. And it drizzled a lot during that time.

The store would be closed for Christmas Day, and the three kittens were nowhere to be found by the time we were closing the store up that night of December 24.

I worried about them, especially for the tri-colored one who wouldn’t eat.

Christmas Day passed by fast, and as we were about to retire for the night after a very busy day, I was again reminded of the kitten.

While our stomachs were full, had she even found a piece of food to eat? Or was she able to even open her mouth?

I decided to go out of the house to look for her. It was already around 9:00 PM. I remember it was drizzling again and I searched among the plants in front of my neighbors’ houses for a chance to spot her.

It was when I got to a store not far from our house when I saw a tiny form huddled under a bench. It was her, and she was alone. I called out and she answered with her shrilly meow.

She was trembling. I knew it was from hunger, but it could also be from the loud sound of videoke near the store.

She didn’t resist when I carried her to the safety of our house – her would-be home.


There was one problem, though: she wouldn’t eat. I had some variety of cat food at home for when Chi-Chai wouldn’t want to eat her usual food (urinary s/o because she always gets UTI).

None of those food, however, the new kitten would open her mouth to.

If only there was still a supermarket open at that time I would willingly buy a kitten food.

Then I experimented with dog food.

My 11-year-old shih-tzu fed on beef-flavored Pedigree. I was aware she should be on senior diet but she wouldn’t eat those.

Anyway, I gave the cat some of the dog food and guess what, she opened her mouth and ate it like there’s no tomorrow.

She was also making this grunting sound while eating like telling me she was so hungry she wanted more.

I told my mother I’d just take care of the kitten until she learns to eat like her siblings did, and until the rain stopped. But we both knew I was lying.

I bought more variety of cat food. The kitten would eat a little of the ones newly-opened, but wouldn’t eat them twice.

After 3 stressful days of force feeding, it occurred to me that she hasn’t been dewormed yet. Good thing I still had a liquid dewormer.

Well, she didn’t poop out any worm (at least nothing visible to my eyes) but she ate better a few hours after deworming.

I just followed the deworming sched for kittens written on the bottle. No need for a vet just for that.

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