New Crib

I had been wanting to buy a bigger cage for my two cats. I looked online so many times but the one I liked was so expensive.

Two Sundays ago, after lunch with the fam, I dropped by a hardware store to buy cat litter. I noticed a pet cage on display and couldn’t help but ask the sales rep if they have other kinds.

A middle aged woman overheard my convo with the sales person and approached me as I was about to go to the cashier with the bag of cat litter.

“You’re looking for cat cages?” she asked, to which I nodded, returning her sweet smile. “There’s a pet cage store at Valley 1 (San Antonio Valley 1, ParaƱaque). Mura lang.”

A few days later…

They’re quite happy with the new cage. Before this, they stayed at our stock room-turned-cat room which was about 10 square meters in size. The only thing with that room was that the cats don’t see any human unless I visit them or I let them out whenever I’m free to pet them.

With the new cage, they get to stay in one corner of the living room. They get to see whoever is in the house, they get some petting everytime, and it’s easy to let them out whenever someone’s free to look out.

Yes, look out. Because Chi-Chai, the black and white 6-year-old sprays a lot.

The cage was priced at P4,800. The owner was so kind she gave me two bowls for free.

Titing’s Bird and Animal Cages Center
Chi-Chai enjoying the hammock

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