Chi-Chai goes to the vet

When I got home from my nanay‘s birthday lunch, I noticed that Chi-Chai’s (my five-year-old cat) food was untouched. Well, that normally happens, but this time, he was making guttural sounds every time I call his name. He was in pain.

He’s not throwing up, though, and his litter box says it’s not his usual UTI. His stool was also okay so I decided not to panic.

Come dinner time, he still wouldn’t eat and was lying on his back, which was very unusual. I already made up my mind that we’ll have a trip to the vet the following morning.

His legs were already wobbly when I woke up the following morning. I knew it’s already an emergency.

Animal House Alabang opens at 9 AM. We got there at 9:05 but Dr. Quinto, my vet of choice, was already with a patient. We got attended to almost an hour later and Chi-Chai got admitted just before noon.

Dr. Quinto, who is also my dogs’ vet, was afraid it’s a nervous system disease because Chi-Chai was really wobbly. She did chem 14, x-rays and other tests on the cat and we found out his platelet count has dropped significantly.

Since he wouldn’t eat and I really can’t force feed him, I told the vet beforehand that I want him confined for fear of dehydration.

It’s his first time to be confined. He had health issues before but it’s his first time to have lost appetite so he had to stay at the clinic.

After his second day at the vet, however, I was informed that they had to remove the I.V. and administer fluids subcutaneously. There’s problem with his veins. Hematoma. Most probably because of low platelets. The poor cat had to be injected twice a day.

On his third day, the update made me able to breathe a little easier. I was told she already eats and already “talkative and responsive.”

It’s a good thing his platelet count also improved and his glucose level lowered.

On the fourth day, Dr. Quinto gave me the go signal to take him back home.

His meds continue for two weeks, though, and he still has a follow-up checkup on December 9. I hope his platelet count is already normal by then.

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