Urban Gardening

Urban gardening. It has been a craze for quite some time now, but it intensified when the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) started last March. More than the fact that most of us didn’t have much to do, it’s the fear of not having food (or the need to save on what we could harvest at our little planters) that made this type of planting a trend in the metro.

I also tried planting. My little pots were bought months ago, but I wasn’t able to even as little as put soil in them. My hands were quite full.

I was able to start planting, though, mid-June due to curfew. Well curfew started way before but come second week of May, I couldn’t think of anything else to do past 8 pm, so plant.

I had a sack of soil Lalamove-d so I could plant those Ramgo seeds I had bought weeks before. I started planting around 3 am of June 10th.

Only one pot, however, showed signs of life after four days.

This was what it looked like after a day more:

And then it was gone after three days.

Was I sad…

Nanay, who I believe has green hands, were able to plant a number of vegetables but rats were her enemies.

She woke up one day to find out that her kang kong had no more leaves.

Below photos (with captions) were sent to me by my sister. Please forgive her suspicions and my Nanay’s blurry pics.

Because of that incident, Nanay had her malunggay taken at the loft’s sampayan (where she couldn’t go up to because of her osteo arthritis) to “live” with my (still empty) pots.

Here’s wishing this malunggay would thrive into a full blown butterfly tree.

Sagada – A Weekend Getaway

I can’t remember exactly for how long, but going to Sagada together had been my best friend Jun and I’s plan for years. I even turned down a number of invites to go there out of respect to our promise that we should go there at the same time.

Yes, I know it sounds cheesy but that’s how some friendships work. Continue reading “Sagada – A Weekend Getaway”

Matabungkay Beach – A Short Escape

It had been super humid the days following Typhoon Ompong that we thought it was perfect to end the week with a trip to the beach. My sister was driving so it had to be somewhere just near Metro Manila and somewhere that she knew how to go to. So we decided to go to Matabungkay Beach Hotel where her family goes to a lot. Continue reading “Matabungkay Beach – A Short Escape”

Timmy, the Christmas kitten

It was Christmas Eve 2017 when I decided to rescue another cat. I wasn’t sure if the house was ready for a second cat (plus I have four dogs) at that time. All I knew was that this tri-colored kitten who had been taking shelter under the ice cream freezer in my mother’s store needed help. Continue reading “Timmy, the Christmas kitten”

Guimaras – The Tour

I initially didn’t want a guided tour of Guimaras. When I booked that flight ten months ago, all I wanted to do was to sit by the beach with a beer (or two) and a book, while the sound of the waves keep me company.

Things suddenly changed, though, while talking to that tricycle driver named Gerald who took us to our accommodation in San Lorenzo that Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading “Guimaras – The Tour”

Guimaras – The Peace and Quiet of San Lorenzo

People need to recharge every once in a while, and what better way to do just that than to go out of town.

More often than not, however, our plans for rest and relaxation get ruined with wrong choices of accommodation and bad weather. Continue reading “Guimaras – The Peace and Quiet of San Lorenzo”