Matabungkay Beach – A Short Escape

Matabungkay Sunset

Every sunset is beautiful on its own, especially the ones viewed by the beach. The colors seem to tell us that life is beautiful, nonetheless, despite the looming darkness.

The long stretch of sand made the Matabungkay sunset more picturesque, adding more texture to the amazing play of colors that Sunday afternoon.

I just wished it was high tide so we could take a dip while watching the sunset.

That colorful show filled our eyes and hearts. The mood also made us in the mood for a little life talk that we are very seldom able to do these days.

Meanwhile, I’m not a big fan of fine dining food so I didn’t enjoy dinner that much. That carbonara tasted blah! and made my stomach rumble a lot.

After that dinner, we spent the night just inside our room. (Hello introverts!)

I wasn’t planning on sleeping (not a fan of that, either) while we were there as I had so much work backlog. I had my “digital nomad tools” with me but it got frustrating because there was no mobile service inside our accommodation! I got an E signal at the hallways but how can anyone work with that? Even the 3G signal I got at the restaurant was no use because I couldn’t even open an email.

The hotel’s room wifi also had problems. Their IT had reset the router thrice but we still couldn’t connect.

So what to do when there’s no internet? Sleep.

I woke up to the not-so-silent hum of the aircon around 6:30 AM the following day. My sister was already busy going in and out of the bedroom (I don’t know why) and she’s already dressed to go out and catch the morning sun.

Looking out the veranda told us it was already high tide. Nice time to go to the beach, though I wasn’t planning on swimming under the heat of the sun.

I used to love bathing in the sun so much that I did it even without sunblock in the past. After Guimaras, however, I noticed a small patch of discoloration on my upper right arm. I haven’t had it checked yet, but my sister, who got the same white-ish patch a few years back, said it was due to going directly under the heat of the sun. That was according to her doctor.

The beach front of Matabungkay Beach Hotel looked so nice during high tide. The water villas were really on the water and the place got more picturesque.

After getting hot from the walk, we sat down for the free breakfast. Eating the corned beef meal that I chose made me wish there was a Jollibee somewhere near.

If there’s any consolation, the brewed coffee tasted excellent.

Batangas coffee is really the best.

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