Timmy, the Christmas kitten

Timmy, March 2, 2018
First time at the vet

We went to the vet 4 months after (April 2018) for her shots.

It was a new veterinary clinic a few kilometers from where we live, and Timmy was my first pet to be checked there.

Timmy’s first time at the vet (April 14, 2018)

I brought her there for rabies and other vaccines. She was given  Biofel PCH that Thursday morning and I was told to bring her back a week after for another shot of that, plus the anti-rabies vaccine.


A few days before her follow-up vaccine, however, she started showing signs of being in heat. She also stayed outside the night before her vet appointment.

I discussed that behavior with the vet the following day. He confirmed that Timmy was really in heat already and that she should be spayed ASAP.

That appointment which was supposed to be for follow-up shots became a spay appointment.

I left Timmy at the clinic that morning for the procedure. A little before 6 PM, I was messaged by the vet that she was already awake and ready to be brought back home.

Everything went well, until five days after when I noticed an open hole along her wound while I was cleaning it. I could also hear a squishing sound when I gently press the wound with Betadine-soaked cotton.

During the follow-up check-up a week after the spay, I was told by the vet that he needed to redo the suture. Timmy’s skin wouldn’t accept the thread as her immune system seemed low so he had to use a “better quality” thread. I only had to pay for anesthesia and the new suture thread, plus three days of confinement. She had to be monitored.

Could I say no?

The four stitches on Timmy’s side became seven.

It didn’t stop there, though. The same thing happened with the new suture. He had to redo it again a week after. Yes, after being confined three days.

This time, he just used local anesthesia so I just had to pay for the new “much better quality” thread. No more confinement.

I couldn’t imagine the pain Timmy went through being spayed, sutured, skin trimmed, sutured again, trimmed again, and sutured again. The last procedure being done on local anesthesia. But the vet said it’s already the last.

I suggested putting Solcoceryl gel on Timmy’s wound because I remember putting that on the wounds of my dogs after their respective surgeries, as instructed by Animal House (where I bring my dogs).

The gel eased Timmy’s pain and she would sleep right after I applied it on her wound.

But what if the same thing happened to the suture, I asked the vet after that third time.

He said that we should just let the wound heal naturally as he couldn’t repeat the suture again.

Timmy stayed for a little more than a month in the cage wearing an e-collar. I would put the kibbles on a mat because the e-collar got in the way when she would eat from her bowl. She hated medicines and would meow like hell whenever it was time for her meds.

The experience was surely painful for her.

Now I know why St. Joseph in BF Homes (where Chi-Chai was castrated) wouldn’t spay a dog/cat under 8 months, and why they, as well as Animal House, would require a blood chemistry before any surgical procedure.

The new vet we went to didn’t even do a CBC before the spay.


Anyway, Timmy is now fully healed.

She would almost always pass her time sleeping on top of the ice cream freezer in my mother’s store the whole day.

It was the same freezer that she slept under last December to shield herself from the rain.

She turned nocturnal, though, sleeping all day and playing almost all night.

But would I go back to the vet that spayed her?

For vaccines, check-ups and boarding, maybe. But not for surgical procedures anymore.

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