Timmy, the Christmas kitten

Timmy, March 2, 2018

If I did something wrong with my first cat (named Chi-Chai, also a local cat), it would be not allowing him to go out. Well, because I loved him and I feared for him.

With the new cat, though, I swore I would allow her to sun herself in the morning, and eat all the grass she wants, and climb the tree beside our house, and chase the leaves that fall down.

Timmy, January 3, 2018

However, a day after New Year’s, she went missing. I saw her go out the window after lunch. At around 4 PM, she was nowhere to be found.

I asked around and was told by a neighbor that another neighbor took 3 stray kittens (my kitten included) a few blocks away because they had been poop-ing on his front door.

But my kitten pooped in the improvised litter box I made for her!

So a day after all the New Year celebrations, a friend and I spent a little over an hour looking for the kitten along the street I was told she was dropped at by the neighbor. There was a lone vendor on that street that time and she told me she saw the 3 kittens but her husband “threw” them two streets away because one kitten tried to scratch her son.

Off we went to that street lined with factories and warehouses that were all closed as it was still a non-working holiday. There was one closed karinderya on the roadside that I noticed had its side door open. As we drew near, I saw some cats playing outside.

My heart leaped. My kitten was not among those cats but I felt she was somewhere near.

Still a few feet away from the karinderya, I saw my kitten’s two siblings playing with other big cats.

I just knew my little one was also there.

I went to the side door of the karinderya, wanting to ask whoever were there if they saw my kitten. I had a picture of her on my phone.

But without even asking yet, I already saw my answer.

It was a door to a kitchen. And peeking through the door, I saw my kitten huddled under the sink, shivering.

She was wet and afraid.

She wouldn’t even come near me when I called out.

“Ming-ming…” I called her.

There was a woman (who I presumed was the owner of the karinderya) at the kitchen and I explained to her that the cat under her sink was mine and showed her the picture on my phone.

She said she was actually surprised that three new kittens suddenly appeared in her karinderya and she didn’t know where they came from.

After a little more talk, I got my kitten from under the sink and thanked the woman.

When we got home, my mother and I decided to name the kitten Timmy.

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