My initial worry of worm/bacteria on Princess worsened as I got the result of her CBC this afternoon.

Her poop yesterday morning was her usually healthy solid kind, except that there was a jelly-ish thing at the end with some streaks of fresh blood. She didn’t appear weak or sad. She was even active and ate her breakfast and treats.

Nonetheless, come lunch time, my nanay, sister and I brought her to the vet. All three of us went, also taking that chance to bond (read: lunch out) as we rarely go out as just the three of us.

But what actually happened was Princess and I went to the vet while nanay and sister went shopping.

The vet clinic was inside an SM mall.

I thought the blood in her poop was another case of isospora just like early this year. This time, however, it was different kinds of bacteria that caused the bleeding.

But then I requested for CBC. Routine check since her last CBC was over six months ago. Also, to maximise the PF.

The clinic still had to send out the blood sample to their main clinic and results will be available after one to three days.

Luckily it was just one day because the vet already had the results when I checked over the phone this afternoon.

But I felt far from lucky when I heard the news.

Princess’ platelet count was almost double the maximum normal count for dogs.

It was sad. I couldn’t even say the c word when I relayed the news to my nanay and sister. But then my sister knew.

I’m still hoping the platelet count is connected to Princess’ bacterial infection.

I pray that it is.

By the way, Princess is now twelve years old, turning thirteen on March ninth. She is already blind. Totally. She had glaucoma when she was eight, and eventually had cataract.

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