Sinovac Adverse Effect

And I thought COVID-19 vaccine was just a breeze, but exactly a month after my second dose, I experienced the nasty adverse effect of Sinovac.

Monday night, I started feeling joint pains. It rapidly blew up to every single joint in my body and my back muscles also started aching.

Come midnight, I was already having fever and chills, this part I didn’t tell my mother because I knew she’d freak out. We’ve been living separately ever since lockdown started in March 2020 to avoid virus transmission. More of from me to her because she doesn’t go beyond her gate even now that she’s also fully vaccinated.

Anyway, I was whimpering until morning and my two cats were looking at me as if they knew I was in pain. That didn’t stop them, though, from climbing all over me everytime they feel the need to snuggle.

By Tuesday night, I could already feel the difference. Some of the pains have subsided, others lessened. The fever was also not that high by that time. No more chills.

I was already okay by Thursday morning but felt I still needed to rest so I didn’t resume work until Friday.

But it was also Friday when I noticed the rashes appear on my chests. Same rashes appeared heavily on my arms and legs by Saturday.

Now (Sunday) I still have rashes but they’re starting to disappear.

Anyway, I would have gone insane during those days of Sinovac adverse effect if not for these two:

Chi-Chai and Timmy kept me company as I was going  through the adverse effect of Sinovac
Chi-Chai and Timmy, two of my happiness

Chi-Chai and Timmy kept me out of bed several times a day for their meals, treats, and litter box fix, else, I would just stay in bed all day and night and die of hunger.

That is, of course, an exaggeration.

But I also have to vacuum before sleeping or I’d suffocate with their shedding. I live in a studio-type apartment, by the way, which, 4/5 of the area is owned by the two cats. What I can only really call mine is the office table that I keep covered with a box when not in use, box so high their fat a***s can’t jump on top.

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